Hi, I'm Sondra Faas.  And I want to be your fitness trainer.

Experience Fitness with Sondra Faas.

We all have our difficult times in life. Often we allow the rest of the world to manage our time. However, YOU can regain control of your life.  

Where to start? How about a few hours a week in a fitness class. Because believe me, when you see results, you will be hooked. Meet new friends, do something fun and get what you really want right?


Now before you judge, I'm aware that my appearance can be a bit imposing. Muscles. Ripped. Toned. You may not want to look like this. In fact believe me, I get plenty of negative (really!) comments.

So before you decide to get fit with just any trainer, ask yourself this singularly important question:

"What should I look for in a fitness trainer?" 

Answer; A fitness trainer is dedicated to the ideals, methods and science of fitness training.

Because you deserve the best. Why settle for any one less? See, my goal in life is to help people like you achieve their personal fitness goals. I eat, breathe and sleep physical fitness.

Now. The next move. Is yours.