Hi, I'm Sondra Faas.  And I want to be your fitness trainer.


...Where No One Trains Alone.

Coming soon to a gym near you!


The Fit Cage is a virtual, personal fitness training system.

The Fit Cage will deliver my very own brand of HIIT training to every gym in America.

Question:  So what makes the Fit Cage so different?

Answer: The Fit Cage earns money every time someone trains in it!

Yeah how cool is that? Essentially we are at the cutting edge of seamlessly embedded advertising. Each training session is a video instruction which plays the entire time a person works out. This is their instructional video. And each video is sponsored and underwritten by advertisers with messages and product placements.

And since there are so many critical messages in HIIT training, the timing most notably, this allows for literally hundreds of ad spaces in each work out. Because each user is unique, the workouts are available at home or at any other gym that has the Fit Cage. Sharable on Facebook and all other social media, the Fit Cage is truly the next generation of fitness training concepts.

Send me a message if you want more info on being a part of this pretty amazing business opportunity.  

My goal in life is to help people be fit. And I mean everyone, not just those who can afford it. I want the world to achieve their personal fitness goals. Because I eat, breathe and sleep physical fitness, help me help you. 

You can reach me at sondra@thefitsquad.com





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